Club News – RI Convention Report by Garry Norris

Germ Norris Ravindran
(L to R) – John Germ (RI President Elect), Garry Norris, K.R Ravindran (RI President 2015-16)

2015 Rotary Intenational Convention Summary Report
São Paulo, Brazil, June 6-9

While the convention had many takeaways, there are three that stood out consistently:

  • Focus on membership growth worldwide
  • Project engagement
  • Enhanced leadership at the local level

President Gary Huang stressed over and over along with others that membership growth is crucial to Rotary over the long term. Organizing Rotary day’s celebrations, weekend gatherings, chili cook offs, and whatever else we can think of at the local level to expose Rotary to others; and use these events to recruit new members (especially younger prospects). Engage Rotaracts more. It was discovered that the reason most canada goose jacka Rotaracts did not go on to become Rotarians is because no one asked them to join. Less than 5% of Rotaracts go on to become Rotarians. Seek out other communities where there are no rotary clubs and engage the community to assist them in starting new clubs. Use images on your Facebook page that make your club look great. Raise awareness any way we can about who we are and what we do. They made a point cgjackets of highlighting the fact that there were more than 500 Rotaract members attending the convention….

To download full text of Garry’s report click here… 2015 Summary RI Convention

Garry Norris and Gary C.K. Huang (RI President 2014-15)
Garry Norris and Gary C.K. Huang (RI President 2014-15)