Club Committees


Club Administrative Committees: Board Representative – Steve Smeltzer
+Attendance/ Sergeant at  Arms
Chair: Charlie Thompson

This committee is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of members’ attendance at the regular weekly meetings as well as make up meetings.  This information is reported to the District on a regular basis.  A club’s attendance is an important measure of the commitment level of the membership to allocate time for regular fellowship.

Welcome Table Duty Instructions:
Arrive around 11:40.  Tables will already be set up by Civic Center staff.  Salem Civic Center Staff usually arrives around 11:30 and sets out the badges. (In case they are late, the badges are kept in the storage closet to the right of the podium)

Pick up guest binder and cash box at Box Office.  Write date at top of new sign-in sheet from binder and leave out on table. Members will sign in their guests.  Ask if they want to be introduced.

Make up badges are in cash box.  Top half is not used.  Just write Salem, VA Club, the date, and sign the bottom half and give to visiting Rotarian.

Lunch is $10 for all guests and visiting Rotarians. (Prospective members and guest speakers and their guests eat for free)

If anyone wants to pay with check, make it payable to “Rotary Club Club of Salem”.

All makeup cards need to be placed on the sign-in board or handed directly to Charlie Thompson.

Linda Worman will ask for someone to introduce guests.  Don’t be shy.

Chair: Jeff Van Doren

This committee regularly reviews the club’s operating procedures and organizational structure for compliance with its adopted by-laws and constitution.  As technology continues to evolve and the club’s needs change, this committee offers advice on how the club may react and makes recommendations for necessary structural and procedural amendments.

Chair: James T. Jordan
Vice Chair: Brenda Stephenson

While Rotary is not affiliated with any denomination, the Rotary Club of Salem has traditionally allocated a moment for reflection and appreciation at the beginning of each meeting.  This committee selects a member to lead this moment of praise at the beginning of each meeting.  This committee is also responsible for selecting and leading the group sing along each week.  The music selection is often related to current events and serves as an important bonding experience early in each meeting.

Chair: Paul White
Vice Chair: Reid Garst

The music committee leads the club in a song on most weeks.  The music selection is sometimes relevant to the speaker or a current event and serves as a bonding experience for members.

Chair: Jim Wallace
Vice Chair: Steve Smeltzer

This committee manages the daily operational financial duties including collecting member dues, paying club expenses, and compiling and dispersing funds raised during special functions.  This committee provides a monthly report at every club Board meeting.  This report provides a snapshot of the club’s financial health and provides a framework from which the club can make decisions on upcoming operational costs and future charitable giving.

Chair: Larry Lynch
Vice Chair: Glenn Thornhill

Committee Description and Specifications
•    The Nominating Committee should be ready to meet beginning in August of each year to provide names of potential candidates for the Board of Directors for the coming year.
•    The Secretary of the Board will have the number of those board members that will be rotating off and thus the number of slots that will need to be filled (normally 4).
•    The Nominating Committee should be ready to present the slate to the Board at the October Board meeting.
•    The Nominating Committee will then propose the candidates* to the general membership at the first meeting in November.
•    The annual elections will be held at the annual meeting on the first Thursday in December.  At that time the President will ask for other nominations from the floor.
•    If there are no other nominations, nominations will be closed and the President will call for a voice vote.
•    If there are nominations from the floor the new slate will be presented to the membership and a voice vote will be called.  If the vote is close a ballot vote may be called.
•    Should a Board member resign either from the Board only or from the Board and the Club the remaining members of the Board of Directors may fill an the unexpired term [or may ask the Nominating Committee to provide names].  If this occurs the Board will set the deadlines for filling this unexpired term.

+Club Meeting Programs
Chair: Jim McAden
Vice Chair: Dee King

The Program Committee is responsible for planning the Club’s weekly Programs so that they reflect the goals of the Club President while providing informative and/or entertaining content that includes Rotary information and local, state, and national topics of interest to Club members.

+Executive Advisory / Club Excellence
Chair: Garry D. Norris
Vice Chair: Marty Misicko

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
• Committee/Advisory Board is comprised of the Current President, two most recent past Presidents, President Elect, President Nominee, and several other Past Presidents.
• Committee meets four times a year at 11:00am before regular Club Meeting. Third Thursday of the month in February, May, August, November.
• Committee is a sounding board for the President as well as a bank of knowledge on policies, procedures and events.
• Committee can also make suggestions on changes for the Club / Board of Directors that could help the club run smoother and more efficiently.

Membership Committees: Board Representative – John Hall
+Membership Recruitment / Classification
Chair: Robert Dementi
Vice Chair: Dan Joiner

This committee serves to help recruit new members, assign classifications and reports membership numbers to the Board. The committee works with the club members to promote membership development and activities that bring in new members.

+Red Badge / New Member Installation
Chair: Bob Pollard

The purpose of the Red Badge program is to create a better informed membership and prepare new members for club leadership positions. It is designed to promote a more involved and knowledgeable membership. The program will be run quarterly (as needed), with the goal to move and orient new members into Rotary as quickly   as possible. Elements of the program will include:

  • New members will give classification talks within three months of induction.
  • New members will participate in a three session orientation program (see below). All Directors and committee members will need to assist with the orientation program. Sponsors will be encouraged to also participate in the orientation sessions as possible.
  • New members will be assigned to two committees (at least one of which is currently working toward some type of service project).
  • New members will be given a red badge so that current members can recognize them and extend a hearty Rotary welcome. Blue badges will be awarded at the completion of the orientation. Current members should wear their badges so that new members can learn their names.
  • New members will also be expected to do the following within the quarter in which they participate in orientation.
  • New members are expected to attend a club Board meeting.
  • New members are expected to attend a meeting at another club. (It would be appreciated if the sponsor/mentor took him/her.)
+Care Committee
Co-Chair: Ray Byrd, Jr.
Chair: Cindy Smith


  • Offer prayers for you and your family.
  • Feed you and your family in troubled times.
  • Visit you, send a card, flowers or just provide a little TLC.



  • Please let us know when a member is in need of prayer,
  • When a fellow Rotarian or a member of your family is in ill health,
  • Needs help with meals,
  • Could benefit from a card or note,
  • Enjoy a visit,
  • Or just might need a little TLC.

Your Rotary family cares, please help us be there for members in need.

+Rotary Information / Mentoring / Retention
Chair: Steve Smeltzer

The committee is composed of past Rotary Presidents and serves as an advisory group to the current Officers, Board and the Club. They share information, expertise and provide an historical perspective in support of the Object of Rotary.

+Family of Rotary
Chair: Tom Mohr
Vice Chair: Michelle Meinhart

The Family of Rotary Committee is an effort to pursue the first Object of Rotary, that is “to encourage and foster the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service.” Friendship was the foundation, the rock on which Rotary service was built. 

Children & Families Committees: Board Representative – Jeff Howard
+Christmas for Kids
Chair: Earlene Orndorff

The Christmas for Kids program focuses on lower income children who need assistance and good cheer. This program allows lower income children to understand that Christmas is about giving, and while the kids do receive presents themselves, they also are given the thrill and satisfaction of giving presents to their parents, siblings and caregivers.  It really focuses on the reason for the season and is a very uplifting and anticipated event for the school system, the kids and our club members. In a city of 25,000 people, taking 41 kids from lower income families and making a difference in their lives and the lives of their families really makes a difference and makes this project a signature event for our Club.

+Christmas Parade
Co-Chair: Danny Hall
Co-Chair: Tony Rippee

For over 60 years the Salem-Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce has hosted a Christmas parade down Main Street in Salem.  This Christmas Parade committee is responsible for building and driving a Rotary themed float in this parade.  Come see us in the parade the Friday one week after Thanksgiving.

+Little Free Libraries
Chair: Jane Johnson
Vice-Chair: Ann Tripp
+Read Across America
Co-Chair: John Millard
Co-Chair: Ann Tripp

Read Across America is an initiative on reading created by the National Education Association. One of this committees functions is to coordinate the Rotary Club of Salem’s participate in National Read Across America Day at local schools. This annual event is an observance in the United States held on the school day closest to March 2, the birthday of Dr. Seuss.

+Third Grade Dictionaries
Chair: June Hall-Long

The Third Grade Dictionary Committee promotes literacy and learning in the City of Salem Schools by providing specially designed dictionaries for third grade students in all four of Salem’s elementary schools.  This is an offshoot of the Dictionary Project which is a nationwide program to provide dictionaries to elementary school children.  June Long, a retired educator with the City of Salem School system has chaired this committee since its inception.

+Veterans / Military Family Support Committee
Chair: Bruce Lucado

The Military Committee supports local veterans, servicemen and servicewomen deployed on active duty, and local military families of those deployed.  Committee members are Rotarians with a keen interest in supporting our troops.  Some of the committee members are veterans themselves.  There are several regular events which the committee supports:

  • PTSD Awareness Event at the Salem VA Center
  • Rotary & Kiwanis Military Family Support Center (MFSC) Golf and Tennis Fundraiser
  • Virginia’s Veterans Parade (Downtown Roanoke)

In addition to these regular events, the committee often assists with ad hoc requests and responds to the unique needs of individuals or groups on an as needed basis.

+Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinners
Chair: Ric Atkins
Vice Chair: Randy Foley

The committee works together with Lewis Gale Food Services and the City of Salem Elementary schools to provide families in need with sixteen holiday meals.  The committee members deliver eight Thanksgiving and eight Christmas dinners prepared by Lewis Gale Food Services to families suggested by the the four Elementary Schools in Salem.

Fundraising & Giving Committees: Board Representative – Charlie Thompson
+ODAC Tournament
Director/Chair: John Shaner
Vice Chair: Lenora Downing
Vice Chair: Brad Bankston

Each February, the Salem Civic Center and the Rotary Club of Salem host the men’s and women’s Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) Basketball Championship.  Members of this committee organize ticket sales, coordinate program advertisements, work with civic center personnel and provide volunteers from the Club as needed.  The ODAC Tournament is an important civic and fundraising opportunity for our Club and we strive for 100% participation.

+Olde Salem Days
Chair: Tony Rippee
Vice Chair: Lynn Lautenschlager
Vice Chair: John Shaner
Vice Chair: Earline Orndorff
Vice Chair: Randy Foley
Advisor: Skip Lautenschlager
Advisor: Barney Horrell

The Rotary Club of Salem organizes Olde Salem Days, an open-air craft fair with 400 vendors  exhibiting and drawing 30,000 to 70,000 people to Main Street in Salem. The proceeds sponsor community service programs like our Club’s Christmas for Kids program benefitting forty-one 5-8 year olds from lower income families in our community.

Our club has embraced this project since 2009 when the local Jaycees transferred responsibility and organization of the event to our administration.  The tradition and reputation of Olde Salem Days brings in vendors from the mid-Atlantic region and shoppers from across southwest Virginia and West Virginia. Because it is an open-street fair, it is difficult to determine exact attendance numbers. However, event organizers and law enforcement personnel continually put the attendance numbers at 30,000 on the low side (which was a bad weather day) to as much as 70,000 people. A food court and antique car show add to the atmosphere and fun of the event. This event helps our city revenue and local business revenue through taxes and visits to local restaurants and hotels.

+Star B-Q

Chair: Tim Reed

The City of Salem partners with local country radio station Star Country 94.9 to host rising country music artists at the annual Star-B-Q event. This committee coordinates our Club volunteers who help supervise the admission gates and sell beer, wine and sodas at the event.  Star-B-Q is an important fundraising project for the Club.

+Financial Vision
Chair: Marty Misicko
Vice Chair: Steve Turner

Committee membership is comprised of 9 club members including club President, President-elect, Treasurer and 3 gifting committee chair-persons​.

The committee…

  • Submits a “gifting budget” early in the Rotary fiscal year for review/approval by Board of Directors.
  • Consolidates all fund raising monies from the previous Rotary year and recommends to the Board of Directors the amount of grants to be distributed for the current year, with the Board maintaining the ultimate control of monies to be distributed.
  • Annually recommends to the Board high level funding priorities for Board approval based on the Club’s 3 to 5 year vision.
  • Determines annual funding allocations to the listed gifting committees subject to Board approval.
  • Establishes a general gifting/distribution schedule each year with the Board and Program Committee.
+Charitable Giving
Chair: Jim Laub

This gifting committee disperses grants to charitable, typically 501c3 organizations in the Roanoke Valley. Past recipients include Apple Ridge Farms, Bradley Free Clinic, Child Health Investment Partnership (CHIP), HopeTree Family Services and Salem / Roanoke County Food Pantry. Local non-profits make an annual application for grants and the committee allocates funds earned from the Club’s major fundraisers. In 2017-8 the committee awarded a total of $18,250 in grants.

+International Giving
Chair: June Hall-Long
+Community Giving
Chair: Skip Lautenschlager
This gifting committee disperses grants to locally-based organizations in Salem and the Roanoke Valley. Past recipients include Pathfinders for Greenways, Roanoke Symphony, Jill’s Buddy Camp, Salem Area Ecumenical Ministries, Salem High School After Prom and the Salem Museum/Historical Society. Local charities make an annual application for grants and the committee allocates funds earned from the Club’s major fundraisers. In 2017-8 the committee awarded a total of $18,250 in grants.
Club Public Relations & Media Committees: Board Representative – Adam Shores
+Public Relations
Co-Chair: Kari Walls
Co-Chair: Robert Dementi
+Club Historian
Co-Chair: Pat Whitescarver
Co-Chair: Jim Watts

+Club Internet Communications
Co-Chair: Ken England
Co-Chair: Kirk Hoback

The Internet Committee works in co-ordination with Club leadership to make effective use of Internet and related technologies to improve communication within the Club and create a better understanding of Rotary in the community.


  • Encourage Club leadership’s promotion and development of its Internet presence.
  • To maintain and enhance the functionality of the Club’s Internet presence.
  • Develop the use of internet-related technology to improve communication within the club, enhance member’s knowledge of Rotary and Club activities and facilitate outreach to the City of Salem and surrounding communities.
  • Assist club leadership and key committee chairs to help them gain understanding of the capabilities afforded them by the Club’s web presence and to encourage them to provide the web content needed to optimize use of the medium.
  • Train Internet committee members and key Club committee members to serve as web editors in order to update online information in a timely manner.
+Eye on Rotary
Chair: Rivers Claytor
Vice Chair: Joe Ferguson

The committee provides a forum for informal consideration of potentially divisive issues concerning the Club and its members.

+Club Roster
Chair: Adam Shores

The primary function of this committee is to revise and annually update the Rotary Roster. The printing and distribution of the roster coincides with the annual installation of the new Rotary President in July.

+District Conference
Chair: David Mount

This committee encourages attendance at the annual 7570 District Conference. The committee communicates with the club on dates, location and the annual theme and engages members and shares information with the club about the conference.

New Generations Committees: Board Representative – Ric Atkins
+Rotary Youth Leadership Award
Chair: Jim Bowen
Vice Chair: David Thornhill[

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is an intensive leadership experience organized by area Rotary clubs whereby high school aged students develop skills as a leader and public speaker while having fun and making connections.

This annual event takes place over a weekend in December at The Inn at Virginia Tech. The Rotary Club of Salem sponsors two students from Salem High School plus our International Youth Exchange Scholar.

Student will:
• Build communication and problem-solving skills
• Discover strategies for becoming a dynamic leader in their school or community
• Learn from community leaders, inspirational speakers, and peer mentors
• Have fun and form lasting friendships

Co-Chair: Tommy Barber
Co-Chair: David Mount

Interact is a club for young people ages 12-18 who want to join together to tackle the issues in their community that they care most about.   Every Interact club carries out two service projects a year: one that helps their school or community and one that promotes international understanding.

+International Youth Exchange
Chair: Walt Kearns
Vice Chair: Jeff Howard

The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is a life changing experience which provides opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and world understanding by living in another country.  The Rotary Club of Salem accepts applications for both short term summer exchanges and full academic year exchanges.   We also host a foreign Youth Exchange Scholar for a full academic year.  The student attends Salem High School and lives with 2-3 host families in Salem during their stay.

Chair: Matt Schottmiller
Vice Chair: Roland Walters

The Rotaract Committee’s objective is to organize, sponsor and support a Rotaract Club at Roanoke College with the guidelines established by Rotary International.

The committee will offer opportunities for the Rotaractors to: join our club’s meetings, programs and projects throughout the year; assist them with their own projects and programs; help them learn about the programs and services of Rotary International and other Rotaract clubs throughout the world; purchase items (banners, pins, materials, etc.) to support their organization; offer mentoring and job shadowing opportunities from our Rotary club members for the Rotaractors; assist with reporting requirements to Rotary International; provide additional support and guidance as needed or requested by the Rotaract club.

Community Projects & Special Recognition: Board Representative – Dee King
+Local Community Projects & Water Project
Co-Chair: Danny Hall
Co-Chair: Donald Smith

Members of this committee are active in several community outreach and improvement projects throughout the year.  In particular, this group organizes participants to assist with Clean Valley Day each April and Fall Waterways Clean-up each October.  We also organize food drives in support of the Salem Food Pantry and a winter coat drive benefitting the Salem Clothes Closet.   We have also aided local communities by collecting and supplying bottled water as needed for emergency relief.

+Clean Valley
Chair: Danny Hall
Vice Chair: David Mount

The Rotary Club of Salem actively participates in two Clean Valley events each year.  In April, our committee organizes a clean-up of Salem’s Rotary Park and the adjacent Greenway located between Route 419 and the Roanoke River as part of a regional Clean Valley Day.  In the October, we participate in Fall Waterways Cleanup, tackling this same busy stretch.  Our club members have removed an abundance of fast food wrappers, carpet segments, car parts, random clothing articles and even a horse shoe from the area.  We are proud of our efforts to join forces with other organizations to keep our valley and waterways clean.

+Disaster Response Committee
Co-Chair: Danny Hall
Co-Chair: Timothy Reed
Co-Chair: David Thornhill

Several years ago the Disaster Committee had the foresight to prepare and store “Muck Out” buckets comprised of cleaning supplies, mops, gloves, etc. to be used in the event of an natural disaster.  Last year, we added 20 “tarp kits” that includes 20×20 tarpaulins to cover roofs plus 5 smaller tarps to cover doors/window.  These kits also contain nail strips, hammers and gloves.

+Vocational Award / Service Above Self
Chair: Daniel Hughes

The committee promotes the practice of high ethical standards as part of a Rotarian’s commitment to vocational service. This committee works in the community to promote the highest ethical standards and the awareness of the Object to Rotary (to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise).  Annually, the committee recognizes a citizen of the community who best represents the Rotary through the Service Above Self Award.
+Outstanding Citizen
Chair: Rob Cassell
Vice Chair: Bob Pollard

The Outstanding Citizen Award is given each year to an individual who has throughout their professional life and community involvement, worked to make the world a better place.

+Jostens Trophy
Chair: Mark Henrickson
Vice Chair: Brad Bankston
Vice Chair: Bob Rotanz

The Jostens Trophy recognizes male and female student athletes for their outstanding performance in Division III basketball, as well as, their academic accomplishments and community service.  Members of this committee work with Civic Center staff to coordinate an awards luncheon honoring the recipients, their families and colleges.  They also arrange for media coverage of the Jostens Trophy presentation.

Rotary Foundation Committees: Board Chair Representative – Reid Garst
+Rotary International Foundation
Chair: Joe Ferguson

The Rotary International Foundation Committee is the primary advocate for all activities related to Rotary International’s,  The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  The committee will assist in developing financial goals for the clubs Annual Fund and Polio Plus and then track those goals to assure they are met.  They will provide information to the members and the Board about the purpose and results of TRF.  They will interface with other committees that carry out activities related to TRF to assure they have the needed information and reports and to make sure all procedures are completed and dates are met.

Some of the ongoing activities are;
– Hold Quarterly Rotary International Foundation Committee meetings
– Have written Monthly Board Reports
– Hold meeting(s) dedicated to Directors about Foundation programs
– Have The Rotary Foundation minute once a month
– Develop and maintain a status chart of member and club giving to TRF
– Hold a program during The Rotary Foundation month in November
– Continue to support Polio Plus, End Polio Now
– Develop and implement a MOP related to all TRF activities
– Make sure all deadlines are on the club calendar
– Assist Club President in developing TRF goals

+World Community Service
Chair: June Hall-Long
Co-Chair: George Zubrod
+Paul Harris Fellows
Chair: Tom Bowers

Paul Harris was the founder of Rotary.  When a contribution of $1000 is given to further the work of the Rotary International Foundation an individual is named a Paul Harris Fellow (PHF).  The committee selects community leaders to receive a PHF Award utilizing Club as well as PHF credits donated by Club members.  The awards are presented at a Club meeting usually in May.

+Foundation Grant Writing
Chair: Steve Hyer
Salem Rotary Club Foundation, Inc.: Board Chair Representative – Tommy Barber
+Salem Rotary Club Foundation, Inc.
President: Tommy Barber
Secretary: Frank Peck
Treasurer: Mike Bird
Vice President: Dan Hughes
President Elect: James Jordan
Pamela Galluch
Steve Hyer
Rob Dementi
Michael Orr

The SRC Foundation is a 501(c)3 corporation which has 9 directors on its board and 4 officers elected from its currently serving directors. Originally named in 1997 as the Salem Rotary Club Wooldridge Scholarship Foundation Fund, it started an endowment to provide two annual scholarships to the Division III colleges in honor of the male and female winners of the Jostens Trophy. These two scholarships were named in honor of Salem Rotarian Dan Wooldridge a former Old Dominion Athletic Conference Commissioner. In 2004, the Foundation’s name was amended to the Salem Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. In early 2017, another amendment was made to reflect a broader principal purpose….. “to provide educational and scholarship assistance, humanitarian aid, and to engage in any lawful purpose or purposes permitted by the Virginia Non-Stock Corporation Act. “ Gives $500 to a charity designated by Salem Rotary‘s “Service above Self” annual recipient. The SRC Foundation also manages a growing scholarship fund for the Glenvar Rotary Club which is used for giving various scholarships to deserving Glenvar High School graduating Seniors annually. Any contributions given to the Salem Rotary Club Foundation, Inc. are tax-deductible and 100% will be used for the contributor’s intentions as long as they are aligned with the Foundation’s “principal purpose” mentioned above.
Contributions can be made to the SRC Foundation Treasurer, Mike Bird.