Club Meeting – December 17, 2015


Christmas Program

This program was moderated by Brenda Stephenson as she reflected back to her Christmases’ past and the special moments that inspired vivid memories that she shared with the club. Brenda asked other members to share their memories of Christmas as well as she passed the mic from Rotarian to Rotarian. Many stories were presented as it ranged from memories of gifts that weren’t necessarily material to the role of certain libations that were summoned to aid parents’ “assembly” of Christmas morning. The club meeting ended with a spirited tune called “The Twelve Days of Rotary” sung to the tune “The Twelve Days of Christmas”. The song was accompanied by Aaron Garber/piano, Reid Garst/guitar and Danny Hall/mandolin. President Barber bid the membership a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we adjourned the meeting as well as the Rotary year.

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