Club Meeting – December 10, 2015



Paul Harris Awards Ceremony

In this meeting, Paul Harris Committee Chairman Tom Bowers presents again as he awarded Paul Harris Awards to Salem Rotarians as well as members of the community. Assisting Tom were President Tommy Barber as well as President-elect Lisa Garst.

The 2015 Paul Harris Recipients

Jon Bartlett

James R. Bryant

I. Ray Byrd, Jr.

James Christopher Dillman

Dr. Kenneth H. Elson, Jr.

John Flick

Natalie DiFusco Funk

William C. P. Mohr

Robert T. R. Mohr

Lisa Mongan

Judd Jacob Poindexter

Robert E. Rotanz

Beth Stanley

Amelia Mitchell Summerell

Mike Tyler


Multiple Paul Harris Recipients

One Stone Sapphire

Tommy Barber

Jon Barlett

Katherine W. Bowen

Mark E. Johnson

Quinn Mongan

David F. Mount

Robert F. Peck

William Robertson


Two Stone Sapphire

Rob Cassell

W. Rivers Claytor

Thomas M. Fame

Quinn Mongan

Furman Whitescarver


Three Stone Sapphire

G. Steven Agee

Mark Gobble


Four Stone Sapphire

G. Steven Agee


Five Stone Sapphire

Thomas W. Mohr

Dr. Paul F. White


Level Six 1 Stone Ruby

Thomas E. Mohr