Club Meeting – January 7, 2015

IMG_3908Virginia War Memorial Foundation

Rear Admiral John Hekman (retired)

Rear Admiral John Hekman (retired) presented to the club, the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia.
He stated the primary objectives of the museum which is to Honor our Veterans, Preserving our History, Educating our Youth, and Inspiring Patriotism in All.
Also, Rear Admiral Hekman presented the mission of the museum as it is to honor the memory of Virginia’s men and women who demonstrated a willingness to serve and fight to defend our way of life from World War II to the present; and through its Education Center, serves as the center of excellence for the Commonwealth in education of Virginian’s experience of war from the birth of our nation to the present.  In its educational mission, the Virginia War Memorial projects a variety of internal and outreach programs, artifacts, research materials, Virginians at War documentaries, exhibitions, seminars, and ceremonies will be used to instill a living memorial to all citizens and citizen-warriors of the nation’s commitment to freedom.
Rear Admiral Hekman also shared a film about the museum and summed up his presentation to encourage Rotarians and guests alike, to travel to Richmond and to visit the museum.