CLUB NEWS – Bem-vindo Alvaro! Welcome!

Alvaro CatelThe Rotary Club of Salem is pleased to announce the arrival of Alvaro Catel as a Rotary Exchange Scholar.   Alvaro comes from Sorocaba, Brazil, a city of 700,000 inhabitants near Sao Paulo.   He will attend Salem High School and pursue a college preparatory course of study.

Remarkably, Alvaro is the third person in his family to participate in Rotary Youth Exchange.   His mother was an Exchange Student in the Chicago area.   His sister, also an exchange student, shared the same host family as his mother two decades prior.

Alvaro enjoys basketball, art and playing the guitar.  Given the events of the recent World Cup, Alvaro was asked if he played soccer.   His response, ‘yes – everyone plays soccer in Brazil!!’

Alvaro is being hosted by Jim and Caroline Wallace, and Nancy Sullivan, all of Salem.

About Rotary Youth Exchange
The Rotary Youth Exchange Program is a life changing experience which provides opportunities for students to advance their knowledge and world understanding by living in another country.  The Rotary Club of Salem is accepting applications for both short term summer exchanges and full academic year exchanges (application deadline for the 2015-16 school year is Dec. 1, 2014).   Please contact Jeff Howard, Youth Exchange Officer, The Rotary Club of Salem for more information.