Club Meeting – September 11th, 2014

2014-09-24 03.57.33 pm
091114 BushmanDr. David W. Bushman, became President of Bridgewater College just last year.  His enthusiasm and comments would lead one to believe he has been there since the founding of the college 130 years ago.  To Dr. Bushman the words which encircle the college seal embody their approach to education…  Goodness, Truth, Beauty and Harmony.

Bridgewater College educates the whole person by providing a challenging and supportive learning community that fosters the growth of its students and empowers and motivates them to live educated, intelligent, healthy, purposeful and ethical lives in a global society.

Dr. Bushman shared remembrances of 911 and of life in post-911 world.  He related how Bridgewater College helps their students prepare for 21st century life.  The students first job won’t be there last, they necessarily might not work in their field of study in college or in a job that today even exists.

Students will find themselves in a complicated and regulated world in which to live.  From Dr. Bushman’s perspective the college is not there to train students, but to form individuals who can make a difference.  They teach teenagers how to be engaged citizens.

The college has an enrollment of approximately 1800 students with and average class size of 21 students.  The Club has the opportunity of seeing the Bridgewater Eagles play in the NCAA Division III ODAC Basketball Championship Tournament each year.

Some of us with no existing ODAC allegiances might have become Bridgewater fans after Dr. Bushman’s program.  After all how can you resist an ardent “bug man”.  Rumor has it that his knowledge of stink bugs helped him get his job, with thanks to his wife for reining in his enthusiasm for entomology during the interview process.