Club Meeting – September 5th, 2013

Wooldridge090513No Rotary Club speaker has greater knowledge of their subject matter than our own Dan Wooldridge discussing football refereeing.

Today Dan gave us his annual review of rules changes and how they might impact this Fall’s NCAA football season.  NCAA rules are adjusted with two things in mind, player safety and maintaining balance between the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.  As of late, safety has been the focus, particularly to prevent head injuries (concussion).  Rules also against blocking below the waist have continuing to expand.  The replay booth will become even more of a factor in games (given player ejections are at risk for some penalties) and this, no doubt, will increase the length of games.  Dan shared more during Q & A and our Club members, as always, thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.  For a treat, next time you see Dan ask about the odes to referees he shared to start the program.