Club Meeting – October 29, 2015


ODAC_mens_2015_01ODAC Men’s Basketball Coaches

All 12 Men’s Basketball Coaches from the Old Dominion Basketball Conference took questions in a panel style discussion which was moderated by ODAC’s J.J. Nelkoff. This format worked well last year as to garner candid opinions from the coaches as they look to the upcoming basketball season. The coaches were divided into 3 groups of 4 starting out with the more seasoned “elder statesmen ” and migrating back to the newer coaches. The coaches were given the questions in advance and the responses were delivered in the moment. Questions ranged from players who were returning this season to the coaches’ most embarrassing moments as an athlete which was the most amusing part of the presentation. Coaches also spoke to the culture of their teams as they pull from the strength of the athletes input, not just coaching from their own viewpoint. J.J. Nelkof summed up the last question to the remaining 4 coaches as what would players from their past, sum up their experience playing for them with one word.  Responses ranged from “caring” to “tenacious”.

ODAC has excelled in keeping the perspective in sports participation to the development of athletes in multiple dimensions balancing athletic performance and personal development.

The next week features the ODAC Women’s Basketball Coaches.

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