Club Meeting – November 12, 2015

Perfect Attendance Awards

The Rotary Club of Salem devoted this meeting to the people in the club that have perfect attendance in the present and past years. Congratulations to the following Rotarians for their faithful attendance and participation in the Rotary Club of Salem: Jim Bowen, 37 years; Bob McClanahan, 31 years; Earline Orndorff, 26 years; Bill Long, 25 years; Lew McClung, 25 years; Mark Henrickson, 24 years; Herm Reavis, 24 years; Danny Hall, 22 years; Joe Ferguson, 17 years; June Long, 14 years; Lowell Gobble, 13 years; Skip Lautenschlager, 13 years; Lenora Downing, 12 years; Jim McAden, 12 years; Paul White, 11 years; John Watkins, 9 years; Glen Thornhill, 9 years; John Shaner, 6 years; Martin Misicko, 6 years; David Mount, 5 years; Lynn Lautenschlager, 5 years; David Thornhill, 5 years; Jeff Van Doren, 4 years; Ed Heurtematte, 3 years; Cindy Lichtenstein, 2 years; Garry Norris, 2 years; Dee King, 2 years; David Griffith, 1 year; Dick Hughes, 1 year; Charlie Thompson, 1 year; and Marcy Watkins, 1 year.


Classification Talk with Danielle Crawford

Jim McAden presented as he introduced Danielle Crawford. Danielle was concise during her presentation as she stated she is from Shawsville, Virginia. Also she is married to Chance Crawford. Danielle had a brief Q & A and she fielded questions from what are her aspirations to what she enjoys reading. We appreciate Danielle for speaking to the club and sharing some information about herself.
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