Club Meeting – May 8th, 2014


Rotarians have a tradition of supporting the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International by honoring others.  The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.

Annually the Rotary Club of Salem salutes non-Rotarians who epitomize the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”.  At our meeting today we honored with Paul Harris Fellow recognitions the following individuals

Community Paul Harris Fellow recipients

Zachary Agee
S. Reed Carter, IV
David Foster
Melia Garber
John Givens
Tricia Givens
Dr. John Heil
Sterling E. HiteDebbie Hughes
Emily Moore
Rick Moore

Matthew J. Pollard
Tess Post
Mollie Robertson
Freddie Scaggs
Jamie Soltis
Beth Stanley
Connie Stone
The Honorable Jacqueline Talevi
Branan G. Thompson

Members of the Rotary Club of Salem receiving Paul Harris Fellow recognitions…

First Time Paul Harris Fellows
Byron Randolph Foley
Lisa Garst
Reid Ashby Garst
Troy Henderson
Barney Horrell
Michele Merritt Meinhart
Garry Norris
Adam Shores

Multiple Paul Harris Fellows
James H Bowen, One Sapphire
Thomas E. Bowers, One Sapphire
James T. Laub, One Sapphire
Michael W. Mayo, One Sapphire
Clinton S. Morse, One Sapphire
John P. Shaner, One Sapphire
Mark W. Hendrickson, Two Sapphire
Richard M. Hughes, Two Sapphire
Aaron Garber, Three Sapphire
Dr. Robert McClanahan, Three Sapphire
Earline B. Orndoff, Five Sapphire

050814 Meeting
The Club thanks the Paul Harris Fellow Committee Members for their efforts in presenting this program.

Carey Harveycutter, Chairman
Paul White, Vice-Chairman
Gene Bane
Tom Bowers
Park Dickerson
Lenora Downing
Joe Ferguson
June Hall-Long
Troy Henderson

John Hildebrand
Forest Jones
Cindy Lichtenstein
Quinn Mongan
Steve Smeltzer
Bert Spetzler
Tom Stover
Jim Thweatt
Glenn Thornhill

The Paul Harris Fellow recognitions made today represent contributions to
the Rotary Foundation of well over $35,000.

“Whatever Rotary may mean to us, to the world it will be known
by the results it achieves.”

—Paul P. Harris