Club Meeting – May 22nd, 2014


Our program today was about a family-owned company which has existed for 122 years and has never missed a payroll or 401K payment.  If one considers recent economic conditions, the fact that the Boxley Materials Company is a construction materials based business, the feat is all the more impressive.  Our speaker is the fourth generation of the family to lead the company.  Ab Boxley, President and CEO, afforded Club members insights into the business practices enabling their long term success.

Boxley 052214Mr. Boxley recognized many business associates, customers, and friends in the audience.  He provided a thorough overview of his company touching on its history, corporate make-up, management philosophy, and their contributions to economic development, community involvement and the environment in our region.

Founded in 1892  the company adopted its current Mission Statement in 1987.  The following guidelines serve to define The Boxley Way.

Mission Statement
We deliver quality on every project, backed by reliable, responsive service.

We will be the industry leader in all facets of our business with the talent to sustain it.

Company Core Beliefs

  • Work safely.
  • Hire and train the best people.
  • Involve our employees in the decision-making process.
  • Provide opportunities for personal growth.
  • Reward outstanding contributions.
  • Be honest.
  • Build long-term relationships.
  • Deliver quality from the ground up.
  • Be active participants in our communities.
  • Be responsible stewards of the environment.
  • Commit to be a little better at what we do each and every day.
  • Earn profits to support our corporate growth and beliefs.

This management philosophy comes to life through the products and services offered by the Boxley Materials Company…

Asphalt & Paving
Block, Brick & Hardscape

25 locations in Virginia and West Virgina employ about 500 people.

A “Yes We Can” attitude defines the approach taken by Boxley employees in their approach to prospective customers and relationships with existing clients.  That attitude recently helped sway a  national company to establish a business in the valley that will have a positive impact our local economy.

For over a century community involvement has been an integral part of the Boxley Way.  From fostering science education in K-12 schools to making charitable donations supporting Fire & Rescue, Youth & Sports and Parks & Recreation Boxley Materials has shown itself to be an asset to our region.

All eight Boxley Concrete Plants achieved NRMCA Green-Star certifications in 2009. They were the first in Virginia to do so. Subsequently four new plants along with original eight earned Green-Star certification in 2011.  Boxley Concrete is the only ready mixed concrete company in the nation which has all its facilities meeting Green-Star certification standards.  To learn more of how Boxley Materials strives to be “Greener. Smarter. Better.”

There are many challenges that must be overcome for any business to succeed.  To last over 100 years you must have identified what needed to be done and done it well.  Our Club today enjoyed hearing about a winning formula defined by the Boxley Way.