Club Meeting – March 2nd, 2017

Scholarship on the development of human civilization has led some to proffer a theory that fermented alcohol and caffeine.  That is mead/ale/beer/wine/distilled spirits and coffee enabled society first to survive and to then enter a period of enlightenment.

In today’s program Mike Pensinger, Brewing Master and General Manager of Parkway Brewing Company, shared how four basic ingredients hops, malts, water and yeast with a dash or two flavorings can bring about a myriad of color, flavors and proofs to suit any palette. That, however, is just part of the story. With the rapid growth of micro/custom breweries Mr. Pensinger related how creativity was not only needed in the brewing, but also in the labeling and marketing of their products due to an ever more competitive marketplace.

Our Salem brewers have been doing well to date and have happy customers in our club. It was good to hear that  Parkway Brewery had expansion planned to new markets in the near future.  We raise a glass to compliment our Salem brewery!

To learn more visit the Parkway Brewery website and enjoy this article “Parkway Brewing | Making an Impact in Southwest Virginia‚Äôs Rising Craft Beer Community”