Club Meeting – March 27th, 2014

After JackJudy Park, Western Virginia Co-ordinator was our speaker representing Young Audiences – Arts for Learning – Virginia  (YAV).  YAV is dedicated to bringing innovation and imagination to education through the arts.  They believe that creativity and critical thinking are essential aspects of the development of a child and that failing to develop every child’s creative capacity diminishes all of us.  When the arts are integrated into the educational lives of our children, their diverse intelligences and learning styles are valued and enhanced and they learn more effectively.

YAV is the leading provider of quality arts-in-education programming in Virginia.  They offer an array of arts performances and workshops grounded in the core curriculum, residencies for children of all ages, and professional development in arts-integration techniques that improve students’ literacy skills, motivation to read, and ability to learn.  YAV provides over 1750 hours of arts-integration programming and reached nearly a quarter of a million children in Virginia.

We had the pleasure of having a YAV artistic partner After Jack entertain us with a creative multi-faceted After Jack Ensembleperformance.  The trio of talented young ladies literally pulled us into the show.

After Jack – Mountain Music Tales
After Jack is what happens when you combine Appalachian Music, Gospel, Songwriting, Folk, Mountain Music, and a little bit of country. These three talented young women perform some of America’s earliest music and combine it with traditional Appalachian Jack Tales. This multi-instrument and musical-style program combines the whit of ballads and story structure to enhance active listening and appreciation for a time period that can only be found in Appalachia. The sounds of the upright bass, guitar, banjo, flute and many more instruments will have children clapping and singing along to the chorus.