Club Meeting – March 10th, 2016

L to R: Macdonald, Garst and Hicks
L to R: McDonald, Garst and Hicks

Our program today illustrated how our Salem educators are not devoid of common sense or a genuine commitment to assist students find realistic path(s) for their attaining gratifying and productive lives.

Tommy McDonald, President of the Salem Educational Foundation and Alumni Association (SEF&AA) presented an overview of the Foundation’s current scholarship programs for student attending four year post secondary Colleges and Universities and updated the organization on the Associations most recent scholarship initiatives.

Curtis Hicks, Salem Assistant Superintendent for Instruction provided an overview of the economic impact of the rising cost of four year colleges and universities, the difficult job marked facing college graduates, and the potential negative impact for student who incur significant debt only to be underemployed upon graduation from college.  He also highlighted the need for skilled workers, the financial benefits of employment in the skilled trades, and the abundance of jobs that go unfilled annually in the trade industries.

Mr. Hicks provided an overview of Salem High School’s Career and Technical Education Programs and associated industry credentials.  He explained that Salem High School was one of only 5 Divisions in the state to win a Virginia Department of Education High School Innovation Planning Grant and outlined the grant objectives.

Jamie Garst, Andrew Lewis Middle School Assistant Principal and SEF&AA Board Member finished the presentation by outlining the Associations desire to endow scholarships that could be used for students who intend to pursue additional training in the skilled trades following graduation.

To learn how you can support and participate in these very worthwhile programs visit
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