Club Meeting – January 2nd, 2014

Cundiff 010214Today we had a treat. Our program was by a Past Club President, Joe Cundiff, a blogger Simply Joe and emerging author.  We had the chance to meet one of his two daughters Jayde and Jordyn, the latter to whom we sung Happy Birthday to celebrate her special day.

Part of our treat was Mark Henrickson’s reading of Joe’s first children’s book Fly to the Moon on a Witch’s Broom.

Joe spoke to us on the meaning of encouragement and the vital role it played in the circumstances which led him to write his first book.  We also learned of the changes, which digital publishing has brought, that enable authors to overcome the hurdles they previously faced in publishing their work.  Joe is developing his second children’s book, also with a Halloween theme, planned for later this year.

Mr. Cundiff and Jordyn provided a heartening program to lead off the New Year!

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