Club Meeting – January 23rd, 2014

012314 ScaggsThe goal of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) is to create long-lasting, strong relationships that lead to the greatest outcomes possible for children facing adversity. As we strive to reach our growth goal by increasing the number of children served it will be with specific intentionality. It is our priority to achieve this goal by intentionally serving children by risk profile, gender, and ethnicity… we intentionally focus on the population that has the upmost need, our priorities will be serving children with an incarcerated parent, children in poverty and minority children between the ages 6-12.

We believe that by identifying at-risk youth at an early age, we can help to set them on a path filled with self-confidence and personal achievement. Our matches are carefully administered and supported by rigorous standards and trained personnel. BBBS staff strives for matches that are not only safe and suited to the child’s needs, but also harmonious and built to last.

Take aways from Jessica Scaggs presentation to the Club…

–    program matches each child with 1 adult
–    applies mostly children in poverty or single-parent homes
–    provides a mentor – someone positive for the child to look up to
–    Volunteer picks up child, takes child out to the museum, park, low-cost activities and spends quality time with child
–    the school based program is 1 hour a day, lunch, play games
–    200 kids are currently on the waiting list – looking for volunteers
–    Oliver Hill Metric Program – Mon-Thurs – Rke City School between 3pm – 5pm – 3 programs available
–    child is less likely to abuse alcohol, more likely to graduate and go to college

To learn more visit the BBBS website.

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Our thanks to Cindy Lichtenstein for providing information for this post!