Club Meeting – January 16th, 2014

011614 MarmersteinRobert Marmerstein is the Associate Chief Operating Officer at LewisGale Medical Center (LGMC). Today he spoke to us as a member of the Roanoke Healthcare Alliance (RHA).  Our own Jacquie King is a RHA partner.

The HCA is an award winning group of local health care executives educating area employers and employees on how to maneuver through our health care system.  The HCA conducted more than 80 presentations to area employers and their employees and educated over 4,000 employees.

We will all face issues concerning health-care, long-term care, funeral and burial decisions, financial challenges and many more topics in regard to caring for our loved ones. If we don’t make these arrangements for ourselves—someone will be doing this for us!  The HCA is here to provide caring help and resources.

The Health Care Alliance Voluntarily Provides:

  • All-Inclusive Presentations – Provide presentations to all regarding services available in the community
  • Scheduled One-on-One’s – Work with caregivers/patients one-on-one to assist them with resources and options
  • On Call Service 24/7 – Provide information to caregivers at any time via phone, email, or text
  • Resource Guides – Create tools for the community

To earn about the why and the how visit their website by clicking here.