Club Meeting – February 16th, 2017

Continuing with this months theme of ODAC related programs today’s speaker is the President of Randolph-Macon College, Robert R. Lindgren.   Just as our February 2nd speaker, President Lindgren not only has ties to Rotary through our club’s sponsorship of the ODAC Basketball Tournament but also as a Rotary Fellowship recipient.  For both President Fitzsimmons and President Lindgren the Rotary International scholarship helped shape their lives.

President Lindgren shared three stories from his travels and friendships with people from Japan, the Republic of Georgia and Ghana.  All first-hand accounts were representative of how Rotary fosters international understanding person-by-person, country-by-country.  President Lindgren adeptly drew parallels between the successes of  Randolf-Macon College and those of Rotary by “believing and investing in human potential”.

President Lindgren helped illustrate how over 67 years the 45,000 scholarships granted by Rotary International have helped many to a better understanding of our world.