Club Meeting – April 23rd, 2015

042315 RVCC

Today our Club had the pleasure of being entertained by the Roanoke Valley Children’s Choir (RVCC).   The RVCC provides children an enriching supplement to school music classes.  They offer an in-depth study of the voice in a specialized choral setting, while providing performance experiences in a variety of situations.  Open to children ages 7-18, the program includes four choirs, each focusing on a specific level of development and musicianship.  Students enter the program through a personal audition with the Director and are placed into the Appoggiatura Choir, Bridge, Advanced Bridge or Concert Choirs.  Auditions are held in the spring of each year.

Our program was performed by The Advanced Bridge Choir (B+ ).  These talented singers were led by Director, Kimberly Ruse Davidson.

042315 Bplus Choir

The “B+” Choir is the third level Training Choir.  Continued study in artistic vocal skills of beautiful tone, unison vowels, proper breath support, and basic music reading are emphasized.  Part singing is expanded at a higher level of difficulty and most songs are in two or three parts.  Music is sung in several languages, often with the help of a language coach.   The “B+” Choir is usually 75-95 members.    Choristers are 4th– 9th grade.  Performance opportunities include the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts with the RVCC, the annual School Tour in December and Music in the Parks in Williamsburg in the Spring.

The highest level choir of the RVCC is the Concert Choir who were recently honored as the Featured Performance Choir at the American Choral Directors Association National Conference in Salt Lake City on February 28, 2015.

To learn more about the RVCC contributions to the performing arts in our region visit their website.