Club Meeting – April 16th, 2015

Sounds of the Mountains –

Our program today was one of the most entertaining we have had in recent memory.  We discovered having a good memory is but one of the skills a good story teller must possess.

041615 NorrisHarry Norris of Howell’s Motor Freight introduced Alan Hoal, who has had a long time association with the Sounds of the Mountains Music & Story Festival at Camp Bethel.  Our club meeting was just before the 14th annual event on April 17-18.  The festival is held about this time each year so remember to save the date.

041615 HoalMr. Hoal quoted Rudyard Kipling… “If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten”.  We all have stories to share about our experiences in life.  Everyone can be a story teller.  “Stories are who we are.”  Story telling is the essence of our oral history.

Now the accuracy and truth of a tale especially one characterized as a tall tale is open to interpretation.  Mr. Hoal told us a yarn and in the process learned how, among his accomplishments, he managed to win a first place for story telling, a tall tale, in a liar’s contest, heh!

Mr. Hoal shared a wonderful childhood story about his first fishing trip… About taking walks in the neighborhood with his new found friend Whiskers… How Whiskers learned non-verbal communication while watching their favorite TV show Lassie… Of a headline in the local paper “Fearless Fish Saves Family of Five From Fire”.  For the end of the story and segments in-between you’ll just have to have Mr. Hoal tell you the story as only he can.

Save the date for next year’s festival I’m sure he’ll be happy to share his tall tale.  You’ll have a good time, we sure did today.