PTSD Candlelight Vigil

PTSD 081514

Herm Reavis 081514On August 15th The Salem Rotary Club hosted a candle light vigil in support of veterans and families affected with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD).

Below is a transcript of Club member Herm Reavis’ address to those gathered at the Salem VA Medical Center grounds.

On behalf of the Veterans Affairs Volunteer Service Department, Star City Cruisers Club, and the Rotary Club of Salem… Welcome Home American Heroes.

Many Americans have had or will experience a trauma during their lifetime.  Of those who do, about 5% of men and 10% of women will develop PTSD.  People who experience combat or sexual assault are more likely to develop PTSD.

Hahn Reavis 081514Our family, like so many more has experienced a heartbreaking loss of a loved one. We, as proud Americans, are standing together to shine the light of hope, love, and support into the lives of these brave soldiers.

The Rotary Club of Salem invites you to join us in lighting a candle to honor the memory of a loved one or simply to send a message to all who are struggling with battle related PTSD or other conditions.  We need to let them know “there is light in the darkness” and help is available for getting to that light.  Let them know that you care and you want to be one who can help.

It’s a tough battle and it does not have to be fought alone.  If you know someone who might need dealing with PTSD, pleas encourage them to reach out for help.

Remember it takes the strength and courage of a warrior to ask of help and as a Nation we need to bond together to ensure help is available.

Our family knows all too well the consequences of doing nothing.”

Rotary PTSD 081514

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