New Member Sponsor Recognitions

MemRecog A 0614This is a new program approved by the Rotary International Board of Directors to honor members who strengthen Rotary’s membership.  All sponsors of members admitted to Rotary after July 1, 2013 are eligible to receive a specially designed membership pin and colored pin back in recognition of their commitment to the Rotary’s membership growth.  When you sponsor your first member you will receive the blue backer.  As additional members are sponsored new colored backers will be awarded to signify the sponsor’s achievement.

For our inaugural recognition the following members received pins.  Sam Carter, Rob Dementi, Lenora Downing, Ed Heurtematte, Mark Johnson, Skip Lautenschlager, Bert Spetzler and Steve Turner.

MemRecog B 0614

  Skip was awarded a bronze backer for sponsoring two members.

Congrats to each of them for their commitment to strengthen our Club!