Club News – November 14th, 2013

As stated in the Club By-Laws, at a regular meeting one month prior to the meeting of selection of Board members, the nominating committee shall propose four (4) candidates for the Board of Directors.  This slate shall include one person to serve as President-elect.

Term for Directors begins July 1st, 2014 ending June 30th, 2016. President-elect’s term starts July 1st, 2014 ending June 30th, 2015.

Those nominated are…

  • Tom Barber, President-elect
  • Ed Heurematte, Director, 1st full term
  • Jackie King, Director, 1st full term
  • Garry Norris, Director, 1st full term

On other Club business Jim Laub, Chair of Financial Vision Committee, announced amount of monies to be allocated to gift giving committees and that letters inviting funding requests would be mailed in the near future.  He asked that Club members submit new organizations for consideration as soon as possible.

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