Club News – December 4th, 2014

As part of today’s Club Meeting we convened our Annual Membership Meeting to vote on the upcoming slate of Club Officers and Board of Directors (BoD) as proposed by the Nominations Committee.  The membership unanimously voted to approve the following new additions to the Club leadership team

  • Lisa Garst, President-Elect for the Rotary Year 2015-2016, serves as Club President 2016-2017.
  • New 2015-2016 members of the Board of Directors are Ray Byrd, Shannan Crosswhite, Michele Meinhart, and Dan Netting whose terms will end 6/30/2017.

The current elected 2015-2016 Club leadership positions are...

  • Club President – Tommy Barber
  • Past President – Bert Spetzler
  • Secretary – Dee King
  • Treasurer – Chuck Kiser
  • BoD Sergeant-at-Arms – Earline Orndorff
  • BoD members – Jacquie King, Garry Norris, and Ed Heurtematte whose terms will end 6/30/2016.