Club Meeting – October 8, 2015

Virginia Senate Candidates Don Caldwell and Nancy Dye

Two candidates running for Virginia’s 21st District Senate seat, Nancy Dye and Don Caldwell, introduced themselves and answered questions at today’s club meeting. ┬áRepublican Nancy Dye is a retired surgeon and former small business owner. Independent Don Caldwell is Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Roanoke.┬áThe candidates answered questions from club members on
1. how to increase cooperation between the Governor and lawmakers;
2. how to increase funding for more teachers and smaller class sizes in localities;
3. how to increase the movement towards fewer SOLs in favor of other student testing;
4. how they would vote on a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman; and
5. the three most important ways to increase business opportunities in the 21st District, including manufacturing and high-paying jobs.

Both candidates were allowed a two minute summary. Candidate John Edwards had also accepted the invitation to speak at this meeting, but was unable to attend due to a conflict.

Treva Carter

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