Club Meeting – March 31st, 2016

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Lambeth 033116Our education on Virginia’s small liberal arts & science colleges and universities continued today thanks to our speaker Robert B. Lambeth, Jr., President of Virginia Private Colleges, which was founded in 1971 as the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia (CICV).

The 501(c)(6) organization represents 28 accredited nonprofit independent colleges and universities in Virginia. They work collaboratively in the areas of public policy, cost containment and professional development as well as provide support to member institutions and their students in the following areas:

  • Governement Relations
  • Creating programs which provide cost savings and improve operational efficiencies
  • Research and data analysis
  • Public Relations

Virginia’s private colleges play a substantial role in the Commonwealth’s higher education system.

  • This year, 135,000 students are enrolled at private colleges.
  • Virginia’s private colleges have over 21,000 employees sector wide; many of their member institutions are among the largest employers in their region.
  • There are approximately 200,000 private college alumni living in Virginia.
  • Virginia’s private colleges and employees pay over $26 million in taxes and other fees to Virginia each year.

To learn more how Virginia Private Colleges helps to foster an important asset of our commonwealth please visit their website.