Club Meeting – June 30th, 2016

Every year we celebrate a Rotarian’s willingness to dedicate the good portion of a year in their life to serve as our Club President.  Today our Club members thanked Tommy Barber for his leadership and commitment to the Rotary motto of Service Above Self.  It is fitting that Tommy’s family, who provided him support during his tenure, were present to share in our appreciation of his commitment to the Rotary Club of Salem.
Barber Family 063016

Thank you Tommy for a great year!  Nothing brings a bigger smile to a Club President than passing the gavel to the incoming Club President as they become the iPast President.

The following photos speak to our affection and the respect in which we hold Tommy Barber.  We all had fun,  just clowning around… Our thanks to Robert Dementi for capturing our “Kodak” moments.

Celebrating Fun Productive Year 063016<- Past President and current Program Committee Chair, Jim McAden, knew of Tommy’s flare for acting the clown.  Jim set a festive mood for our celebration of Tommy’s year as our Club President.

Tommy's Farewell 063016President Tommy didn’t miss a beat in joining the spirit of the moment as he said farewell as Club President.->
New President 16-17<- Then our master of ceremony Rowdy the Clown escorted our incoming Club President Lisa Garst to the podium.
Passing Gavel 063016The passing of the President’s gavel.  At the end of the meeting new Club President Lisa Garst showed she was already adept at ringing the closing bell.->
A Token of Thanks 063016<- A token of thanks to President Tommy for his year of service.
Happy iPast New Club Queen 063016Happy new iPast President Tommy with new Club President Lisa “Evita Peron” Garst”. ->

Tommy Inspiration in Many Ways 063016<- The costume and face paint come off, the person underneath is unchanged.   Many characters make up the Rotary Club of Salem.  All are motivated to make their community and world a better place.  Our club members salute past, present and future Club Presidents who chose to take the challenge of serving with a smile and bringing a smile to those they lead to serve.