Club Meeting – June 11th, 2015

Hollingsworth 061115One could attempt to describe Dr. Hayden Hollingsworth‘s program titled “Aging Gracefully, Good Luck With That” by using a myriad of cliches… “reality rearing its ugly head”, “wake up call”, “passing life’s milestones”, “taking care of business”.  None of which, however, would give justice to how well the retired Cardiologist and Clinical Professor of Medicine addressed a complicated and grave (yes, pun was intended) a topic in such a human and commonsensical  manner.

Dr. Hollingsworth spoke of advancements in medical science, the greatest fears of growing old and about making end of life decisions.  Throughout his presentation the good doctor shared his thoughts on difficult subjects sprinkled with humorous antecdotes making it easy for the audience to hear what he wanted to convey.  Being a published poet helps explain his skill in communicating troublesome topics.

Members in attendance today’s were rewarded with insights and suggestions based on Dr. Hollingsworth’s decades of medical practice and as an observer of human nature.  One could only wish when their time came they had a physician with his bed side manner.

In the Q & A Dr. Hollingsworth was asked when he might again speak publicly so members could bring others to share his wisdom.  He stated this might be his last public event, however, “anywhere liquid refreshments are offered” could entice an encore appearance.

We need to find out what the good doctor prefers to drink!