Club Meeting – January 15th, 2015

Conner 011515Our program today was presented by Lyman Conner whose topic was “3D Printing a Bionic Hand”.  3D printing technology is interesting, but the story behind Mr. Conner designing a bionic hand is inspiring.

An avid cyclist enjoying a ride with friends awakes in a hospital in critical condition with no recollection of the events which brought him there. He recovers and as he leaves the hospital in an ebullient mood tries to cheer up a boy he meets. Only to learn that the young man was born with a deformed hand and the possible solutions available are beyond the means of the family. This chance meeting sets Mr. Conner an electrical engineer by trade to thinking.

Click on video and articles below to learn the details of where Mr. Conner’s determination, imagination and skills have taken him.

 Roanoke Times article August 9th, 2015 September 1st, 2014 August 7th, 2014

More details about 3D printing

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