Club Meeting – February 18th, 2016

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Schrum 021816We continued the theme of learning more about the excellent small liberal arts colleges comprising the Old Dominion Athletic Conference today with Jake B. Schrum, President of Emory & Henry College, speaking to us about “Higher Education Fundraising and Emory & Henry”.

The Club learned of President Schrum’s accomplishments from his impressive success as a fundraiser and as an author of several books including “Democracy’s Last Stand: The Role of the New Urban University“.

Whether raising money for a quality institution of higher learning, your favorite political candidate, or pitching a prospective client about the merits of your company’s product or services, sound sales techniques apply to all.  An understanding human nature and what truly motivates us is key.  As opposed to  glad hand sales approaches that bull doze there way from the approach, to the ask and close, President Schrum reaffirmed that it is best to appeal to high standards when trying to influence prospective donors or clients.  The “ask” is a heartfelt communication of one’s vision.  When your vision is stated with passion, the “close” then takes care of itself. If done consistently as a fundraiser then the smallest donations can become the greater than the biggest.

The ODAC Basketball Tournament gives our Club the opportunity meet the leaders of these fine Division III colleges and universities.  Presidents Stone and Schrum exemplify the quality of individuals that reassure alumni and students alike that the future remains bright for small liberal art institutions.