Club Meeting – August 11th, 2016

From Left to Right: John Hall, Mary & Bob Kelly with grandson, Lenora Downing, Paul White,
Glen Thornhill, Jim McAden,Skip Lautenschlager, June Hall-Long and Joe Ferguson

Over the decades the rules concerning attendance at Rotary meetings have eased.  That is not to say lax attendance is not frowned upon in Rotary.  The interaction of members is an important part of the success of each Club.

Perfect Attendance #2

From Left to Right: Admiring from afar Charlie Thompson,  in foreground – Danny Hall,
Bill Long, Herm Reavis and Earline Orndorff

Today we reviewed attendance guidelines and recognized those members with perfect attendance records.  The list below are members with 10 or more years of perfect attendance!

10  Glenn Thornhill        
10  John Watkins               
12  Paul White            
13  Bob Keely   
13  Mary Keely     
13  Lenora Downing
13  Jim McAden
14  Skip Lautenschlager
15  June Long 
18  Joe Ferguson

23  Danny Hall
25  Mark Henrickson
25  Herm Reavis
26  Bill Long
27  Earline Orndorff

32  Bob McClanahan
38  Jim Bowen

Bob McClanahan 32 Years

From Left to Right: BoB McClanahan, Charlie Thompson hiding in the back and John Hall

If you have any questions about attendance requirements or how to do meeting make-ups,  contact Charlie Thompson or visit Attendance & Make-Ups page of our website.

Our thanks to Robert Dementi for photography