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President’s Message

President Lisa and Pals

Club President Lisa Garst & Friends

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia. Even though we are part of a global service organization with 1.2 million members, the Rotary Club of Salem is small enough to know each other and big enough to get things done.

We work hard but manage to have a really good time while honoring our commitment to Service Above Self. Our Club has raised more than $1 million over the past 30 years for charity and community service projects throughout the Roanoke Valley, Southwest Virginia and the world. We also enjoy the fellowship of Rotary. Many of us have built lasting friendships that endure outside of our weekly meetings.

Our Rotary Club has served the Salem and Roanoke Valley communities since 1949. Our members include business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, tradespeople and government officials who make Service Above Self a part of daily life. To find out more, we invite you to join us any Thursday at noon at the Salem Civic Center.

How do we serve our community? Our Club organizes and directs several fundraisers including:

T1617EN_PMS-CIn addition, we sponsor several significant awards including:

Finally, you can spot our work in everyday life. Our Club is proud to have sponsored these projects:

Please take a look around our website and follow us on Facebook. We are an active, vibrant club and we welcome you to learn more about us!


News From Facebook

2 weeks ago

Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia

So we have received word that some of the free little libraries need some more books, which is great news because it means people are taking them to read! The problem is we need more! If you have any books you no longer need or have finished one you borrowed let's help fill em back up! Thank you so much Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia for these wonderful additions to our city!

#salem215 #shareallthebooks

Photo credit: Salem Rotary Club

2 weeks ago

Rotary Club of Salem, Virginia

School superintendent, Dr. Alan Seibert, was the guest speaker at the Salem Rotary Club's weekly meeting that was held today at the Salem Civic Center. The club is hosting all three of the valley's school superintendents this month.

Salem Rotarians participate in Clean Valley Day at Salem Rotary Park (Rt. 419 near Apperson Drive). ...

Salem Rotarians participate in Clean Valley Day at Salem Rotary Park (Rt. 419 near Apperson Drive).

Join us tonight (Wednesday, March 15) from 6:00 - 7:30 at the Cregger Center to honor our Jostens Trophy winners and meet their families! ...

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New Members

New Member Induction – January 26th, 2017
(From L to R) Alan G. Soltis with sponsor Gary L. Phillips; Club President Lisa Garst;
Chester L. Davis with sponsor Daniel E. Wooldridge

Matt Churchill 072816New Member Induction – July 28th, 2016
New member Matt Churchill is given Rotary pin by his sponsor Michael Orr.

Rotenberry 062316New Member Induction – June 23rd, 2016
Sponsor Brenda Stevens and new member Elizabeth “Liz” Rotenberry

Cecil and Morris 061616New Member Induction – June 16th, 2016
From Left to Right Sam Carter sponsored Marycatherine Cecil and Steve Hyer sponsored Josh Morris.
Welcome to Rotary!

New Member Induction – May 12th, 2016
Welcome Water “Bud” Pierce, sponsored by President Tommy Barber.